San Marcos, TX

Living in San Marcos, TX

     San Marcos, TX is located in the heart of what is known as "The Austin/San Antonio Corridor." This stretch of highway, which is approximately 90 miles long, has the very real potential of becoming the largest metropolitan area in the United States. San Antonio, with a population a little over 1 million and growing, is on the south portion of this stretch. And Austin, with its population growing blazingly fast, is on the northern end. Both cities are growing geographically toward the corridor, and the real estate inside the corridor is going fast. Investors, speculators, and those in search of a near-but-far home in relation to the big cities, are acquiring this land at very reasonable prices. Not long ago The Corridor was a drive through the country, but now it's difficult to tell where cities end and begin.

     San Marcos and New Braunfels are the biggest cities in The Corridor. New Braunfels is the smaller, and it's located just 20 minutes north of San Antonio. San Marcos is the larger of the two, and growing. It is more closely connected to Austin, geographically and culturally. Texas State University (formerly known as Southwest Texas State University) resides in San Marcos. It is one of the largest universities in Texas, boasting a student population of approximately 30,000. Most students live in rental properties within the community. Investors continue to put a lot of cash into apartment complexes, and small investors buy houses and duplexes for rent. As has been a recent trend, many parents have purchased houses as investments, where their college aged children live while attending TSU.

     San Marcos has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Minutes away from the huge Tanger Outlet Mall, residents have easy access to dozens of trendy clothing and electronics stores. Familiar restaurants are within the city, such as Chili's, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, Applebee's. Additionally, elegant, locally-owned restaurants dot the city, in contrast to the more down-home atmosphere of local barbecues and diners, which are also readily available. San Marcos has a thriving night life, with 30,000 students to support many venues with music and spirits.

     The practicalities of daily life are well supported in San Marcos. Large supermarkets, HEB and Walmart, provide a great variety of traditional and exotic foods. Because college students make up a significant portion of the local workforce, there are a large number of well-educated employees to help you with your needs at most businesses. To support the health care needs of the San Marcos population, Central Texas Medical center is a state-of-the-art hospital with cutting edge equipment and a diverse group of specialists.

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